About Our Pharmacy


Diego Gomez, owner, has been in the pharmacy business for over 10 years. Having worked in multiple parts of the state and in different settings, he has realized that there is a need for a community based pharmacy that provides excellent health care to its patients. The pharmacy strives to provide a 5 star experience where patients and their families are being taken care of. The pharmacy and its staff understand that our diverse communities need a pharmacy that will meet their needs while celebrating their cultural differences and unique needs. At the end of the day, we want you to feel better about your well being knowing that Public Square Pharmacy is in your corner.

Why the name Public Square Pharmacy?

We believe that the pharmacy is a critical part of our community. The pharmacy should be available for everyone no matter the race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation. The pharmacist is the most accessible health care professional as well as one of the most trusted. Our pharmacy staff values diversity, cultural appreciation, and the affinity for different languages such as Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Creole, Mandarin. We will maintain this philosophy while making sure that your family has the right pharmacy partner in this difficult health care environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of Public Square Pharmacy, LLC. is to provide top of the line pharmaceutical care to its patients and customers within its trading area as well as through an online presence. Patients will have clear accessibility to not only highly trained pharmacists, but an entire staff who’s passionate about providing top of the line service and healthcare to its patients. Finally, the best interest of all its patients, employees and the interests of the pharmacy profession will be kept a priority and with the utmost integrity as the business develops.


We want to continue expanding our services. We want to connect with our community and deliver better outcomes. We want to support our communities through community service and outreach. But ultimately, we want to make sure we earn our patients trust.