Why use an independent pharmacy?

Some of us have had the curiosity of stepping into an independent pharmacy, unfortunately, most of us have not. What is an independent pharmacy?

An independent pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy who provides all and often more pharmacy services than the corporate pharmacies. These quaint pharmacies may provide otc, prescription medications, immunizations, compounding, durable medical equipment, and many other services/products. Many patients who come in are not sure what to expect, but once they’re inside they’re greeted promptly and helped by a courteous staff member. Small detail but leaves the patient feel like they’re truly going to be taken care of. Patients are not rushed or made to wait in long lines to be helped by a staff that’s overworked and underappreciated which usually leads to poor customer service, and often, poor clinical attention. Most patients appreciate the individualized service they receive at independent pharmacies, and it does not take long for the whole staff to know each patient by name and make their pharmacy visit a great experience.

Besides, a great visit to the pharmacy, the pharmacist will usually have more time to spend with the patient to go over their medication, side effects, best times to take it, and provide a follow-up call. This follow up call will ensure that the patient has all their questions answered and are taking their medication correctly. Many side effects, symptoms, and in some cases hospital visits are medication related.

I encourage the patients in Jacksonville to visit their local independent pharmacy. I understand you may be concerned about the price, but if you have insurance your copay might be the same or may be lower. Most pharmacies offer delivery, compliance packaging, a relationship with your local doctor which will make your life easier when dealing with your medication refills. If you don’t have insurance many pharmacies offer affordable generics, and matching prices when it comes to blink health and goodrx. Finally, you’re supporting your local small business. A business that promotes the local economy, hires locally, and takes care of you at the local level.

Your healthcare should not be determined by a call center or corporate office somewhere across the country. Your healthcare should be local between you, your local doctor, and your local pharmacy, which may lead to better health outcomes for you and your family. So call or visit your locally owned independent pharmacy!